With the help of two research scientists from University College Hospital, he is analysing statistical data and tissue samples from the Royal Marsden's current patients and their archive.

In particular, he is trying to establish:

It's too early to say what our chances of success are but Professor Gore and Andrew are among the foremost experts in their field and we’re cautiously optimistic.


We have already collected enough money to fund Andrew for 2 years. If he makes significant progress, we may even apply for state funding of the project in the second year, but that seems a long way off for the moment.

In the mean time, having surpassed all of our fundraising targets we now have excess funds in the Foundation, and with more exciting fundraising events in the pipeline we have committed to expand the research in two ways.


  1. Experiments

There are a series of valuable experiments that Andrew was keen to conduct but was not able to because they had been prohibitively expensive, costing tens of thousands of pounds. We’re delighted to announce that the Foundation has now committed to funding these experiments, adding much needed detail to the work already being done.

  1. The Fellowship

As our project has expanded, and as the research has developed, Andrew has found that he needs more senior support. As a result, the Foundation has now committed to funding a second Research Fellow for at least a year, who will begin work in March 2014. It is with great pleasure that we have decided to designate the successful applicant to this position as The Ryan Thurston Research Fellow. The role will honour an incredibly brave young man who also tragically died following a battle with malignant melanoma and whose family continue to be great supporters of The Sam Keen Foundation.

This is an incredibly exciting time for the Foundation. Thank you to everyone who has helped us to make this work possible and we look forward to sharing more good news about our progress with you in the coming months.

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With your help, Sam will continue to touch peoples’ lives

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Fighting Malignant Melanoma

Sam touched the lives of all who knew him. His overriding thought throughout his long illness was to remain positive and protect all those around him. He fought malignant melanoma for 7 years; with dignity, great courage and a total lack of self pity. Undergoing over twenty operations to remove tumours, Sam endured chemotherapy, radiotherapy, gamma knife brain radiotherapy and several cutting-edge experimental melanoma drugs. At the forefront of the fight against malignant melanoma is Sam’s oncologist for the entire 7 years, Professor Martin Gore, Medical Director of the Royal Marsden Hospital, the UK’s centre of excellence for cancer treatment.

As we reach the incredible fundraising milestone of £190,000 we wanted to give you an update on what the Foundation has achieved so far.

The Sam Keen Research Fellow, Andrew Furness, began work in March of this year under the guidance of Professor Martin Gore, Medical Director of The Royal Marsden.